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Chebe a miracle product to grow frizzy hair
While some of our beauty secrets are easily accessible, others are lurking in places in the world that we may not even know. One of those ancient beauty secrets is Chebe powder from Chad. It was revealed to the rest of the world by blogger and youtuber Miss Sahel when in 2017 she published a video showing women from a Chadian village from the Basara ethnic group, applying to their long frizzy hair, Chebe powder mixed with oil.
.What is Chebe powder?
Chebe powder is an effective recipe that helps hair grow, hydrate and strengthen. The hair is therefore less brittle and grows faster. It is the secret to having long frizzy hair. Chebe is the nickname given to the final powdery substance produced from seeds grown from a plant called croton by the inhabitants of the Sahara for natural hair growth, fortification and hydration.
The powder Traditional Chebe of ChebHair is the exact recipe of the Basara ethnic group featured in Miss Sahel's video. The Basara women make Chebe powder by reducing the croton seeds to powder and mixing it with other ingredients according to the ancestral recipe of their ethnic group. Chebe's recipes can vary from one ethnic group to another.
The powder PureChebe of ChebHair is only the powder made from pure croton seed, it allows you to make your own recipes and mixtures to apply on your hair, according to your needs and your tastes.
.How to use Chebe powder?
Chebe powder can be used in several ways to help keep your hair healthy:
  • You can mix the Chebe powder from Chad with a vegetable oil, a hair cream or your usual mask, apply this mixture to your lengths and ends 1 centimeter from your scalp, then leave on for at least 30 minutes.
  • You can also use the oil ChebElexir based on Chebe in an oil bath. Apply a generous amount of product to your hair and let sit.
It is recommended to test the product on part of your hair before applying it to all of your hair.

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J’ai regardé la vidéo de la youtubeuse sa fait longtemps que je pense à avoir des les cheveux pour pas galéré a les coiffer. J’ai essayé de faire en sorte de pas les casser de respecté les conseilles des autres mais rien ne marche, et sa me fatigue j’économiserai pour m’acheter vos produit.☺️☺️🤎

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